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Week of 3/5 Info

Posted Sunday, March 04, 2012 by Lora Ryan
Players and Parents
Please review calendar carefully, and read additional announcements.

Monday, Mar 5
5:00 Boys Varsity game vs Newnan at Home. 
     Concession workers: Jan Martin, Mike Challman, Sherry Kendrick.  Mike will manage opening.
     Scorebook:  Todd Hastings and Todd Childers
     Announcer:  Jeff Kendrick
     Pressbox Spotter: Jack Martin
     Scoreboard: Norman Cardilli
7:15  Boys JV game vs Newnan
     Concession workers:  Teresa Register, Kim Wilson, Missy Harris, Keith Harris.  Teresa Register will manage closing.
     Scorebook:  Ralph Sloan
     Announcer:  Jeff Kendrick
     Pressbox Spotter:  Jack Martin
     Scoreboard:  Todd Childers

Girls will practice at WHS field.

Tuesday, Mar 6
6:00-8:00pm  Spirit Night at Partners Pizza.
5:30  Girls JV game vs Tri-Cities at Home
        Concessions:  Gina Benson, Sherrie Waits, Michelle Goergen.  Sherrie Waits will manage opening
        Scorebook:  Sue and Melanie
        Pressbox:  Mike Kirkland, Eric Trube and Jack Johnson
7:00  Girls Varsity vs Tri-Cities
        Concessions:  Gina Benson, Kim Broome, Janalyn Wouldroup.  Kim Broome will manage closing.
        Scorebook: Sue, Whitney, Melanie
        Pressbox:  Same dad trio if possible.

Boys will practice at WHS field

Wednesday, Mar 7
Boys will practice at WHS field
Varsity Girls will have conditioning at school.
JV Girls will practice at church.  If there is a parent available to transport JV girls across the street on this date at 4pm, please contact Coach Bill.  He already transports 7 girls across the street.  Varsity girls will not be going across the street on this date and we need transportation help. 

Thursday, Mar 8

Boys practice at WHS field
Girls practice at Church

Friday, Mar 9
6:00 Boys Varsity game at home vs Grady
       Concessions:  Ted and Tami Kemberling.  We still need one more parent for this time.
       All other game workers same as Monday's Varsity game.

Saturday, Mar 1
TBD Girls Varsity vs Roswell @ Roswell
Keep date open.  Trying to reschedule game for a later time.  

Concession workers; Please arrive 30 mins prior to game time.  There are instructions for opening/closing  in the concession stand.
All other game workers;  Arrive 30 mins prior to game time for set up.

Girls:  If you are interested in ordering the warm up suit.  Please turn in payment tomorrow, March 5.  Payment made out to Perfect Image 3T.
            The jackets/pants will be black with white accents.

Volunteer Needs:
We are still in need of concession workers.   Please review attachment and let me know of dates you are available.  We request that each lax family volunteer for at least one concession duty. 

Thank you,

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