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Minutes - Exec Board Meeting 11/13/12

Posted Monday, January 28, 2013 by Lora Ryan
 WHS Lacrosse Executive Board Meeting --- November 13, 2012 – 7:00pm – WHS Media Center
Attendees:  Vice President-Mike Hammond, Treasurer-Melanie Maloney, Secretary-Elizabeth Cassidy, 
Website/Meals-Lora Ryan, Concessions-Karen Nolin, Coach Castagna, Coach Leimbach.
1 --- Coach Castagna called the meeting to order.  Minutes of the last meeting were discussed and 
2 --- Treasurer Report – Melanie Maloney gave an update.  A copy of the budget presented is on file with 
Melanie.  There was discussion of raising player dues in the future years.
3 --- Field/facilities – Chris Presley was not present at the meeting to give an update.
4 --- Fundraising – Sandy Garrison was not able to be at the meeting.  She had Lora make copies of the 
forms to be reviewed/approved.  The forms that the board looked at were: WHS Program Order form, 
Business that have player contact already, Sponsorship Funding Breakdown, WHS Sponsorship forms 
and order forms for sponsorship.  Sandy reported that we made $ 320.00 with school physicals.  Sandy 
and Coach Landers would be working on a Senior Calendar.  She reported that the new girls uniforms 
should be arriving soon.
5 --- Website/Public Relations/Meals – Lora Ryan reported that she had contacted Christ Church at 
Whitewater in regards to the boys doing a service project for them, but she had not heard back from 
6 --- Spirit Wear – Sheri Wahl was not able to be at the meeting.  She sent a report by email, she wanted 
to get a decision on boys polo shirts and then she would work on getting pricing for them.  Sheri wanted 
to get an update on when to order the shooter shirts for the players for the boys team.  It was decided 
that this would be added to the Commitment Meeting for the players of the varsity team to order after 
tryouts so they know who is on the team and needs them.  Sheri reported that she would be ordering 
more spirit wear before the next parent meeting so we would have some on hand to sell.  Coach 
Castagna mentioned that the polo shirts would be for the coaches, not the players, and that it would be 
open for parents to buy as spirit wear as pre-orders.
7 --- Concessions – Karen Nolin reported that Coach Sommers would be placing the first Coke order for 
her from the school.  Karen stated that she will be looking for a girl player parent to help her during girls 
games to handle the key and money.  Karen will have a volunteer sheet available for parents to sign up 
for working the concession stand at the Commitment meeting.
8 --- Coach Castagna – Head Boys Coach gave an update on player/parent contracts.  He reported that 
he, Coach Landers and Dr. Kendrick would be going to the Brooks Board Meeting on 11.14.12 to discuss 
the option of WHS boys lacrosse practicing on their fields in the spring.  Coach Castagna gave an update 
on game schedules.

9 --- Coach Leimbach – Head Girls Coach gave an update on player/parent contracts and the game 
schedules.  There was a discussion about the girls old uniforms, and what to do with them.  There was a 
discussion about the US Lacrosse Conference and who would be attending it.
The meeting was then adjourned.
Submitted by Elizabeth Cassidy (post dated 1.28.2013

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