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Minutes - Exec Board Meeting 10/16/12

Posted Monday, January 28, 2013 by Lora Ryan
 WHS Lacrosse Executive Board Meeting --- October 16, 2012 – 7:00pm – WHS Media Center

Attendees:  Vice President-Dr. Jeff Kendrick, Vice President-Mike Hammond, Treasurer-Melanie 
Maloney, Secretary-Elizabeth Cassidy, Website/Meals-Lora Ryan, Spirit Wear-Sheri Wahl, 
Fields/Facilities-Chris Presley, Coach Castagna, Coach Crump.
1---Mike Hammond called the meeting to order.  Minutes of the last meeting were discussed
and approved.
2---Treasurer Report – Melanie Maloney presented the budget.  A copy of the budget presented is on 
file with Melanie.  Melanie gave an update on taxes.  The report showed an increase in the girls uniform 
budget.  Melanie reported that she had looked into Pay-pal.  Lora suggested getting a credit-card runner 
for a smart phone which could be used for payments and purchases of spirit wear.  Melanie was going to 
look into this.  Jeff presented the idea of starting funds for a capitol fund.  He suggested having a $ 10 
per player donation to be put on the Player Fee Form to start collecting these funds.  These funds would 
go toward bleachers and field lights.  The motion was made to approve this, voted on, and approved.
3---Field/facilities Report – Chris Presley gave an update on the fields.  He had scheduled 2 work days for 
10.18.12 and 10.25.12.  They would work on moving mulch and putting out a rye and fescue mix.  Chris 
stated that the gravel path going towards the fields from the parking lot is coming up, and that we will 
have to consider repairs to this at some point, or to pave it as a long term goal.  He reported that the 
mulch, dirt and sand piles have been moved, and he was working on painting the storage building.  Chris 
mentioned needing repairs to the blades of the mower.  There was discussion about making repairs to 
the blades to fix the mower, or would it be a better benefit to purchase a new mower.  Jeff suggested 
adding the purchase of a mower to the ‘Capitol Campaign’.  This was discussed and approved.  Chris is 
going to work on putting together a calendar of scheduled/needed field maintenance.
4---Fundraising-Sandy Garrison was not able to be at the meeting, but she had sent an email to state 
that she was working on the fundraising/program/banner forms.  She was also working on scheduling 
physicals for players thru the school.
5---Website/Public Relation/Meals-Lora Ryan gave an update on a Service Project for the boys.  She was 
going to contact Christ Church at Whitewater to see what needs they might have that the boys can work 
6---Spirit Wear-Sheri Wahl gave an update on shooter shirts.  These will be mandatory items that will be 
part of the player packs.  They will be $ 35.00.
7---Concessions-Elizabeth reported that at the time of the meeting there were 2 people who had 
emailed to inquire about the responsibilities, and Coach Sommers was going to speak with them.  On 
10.18.12 we were able to fill the Concession Chair position, Karen Nolan will be the new chair.

8---Coach Castagna-Head Boys Coach- gave an update that he and Coach Crump did not feel like they would be able to find a student to video tape the games.  Elizabeth stated that she would add this to the volunteer list.  Coach Castagna reported that Mr. Vena would like for the head coaches to be the main point of contact for the school for the teams and coaching staff.  Coach Castagna gave an update on boys uniforms, and he discussed boys conditioning that would be starting.
9---Coach Crump-Head Girls Coach gave an update for the girls teams.  She asked that we get her 
permission prior to any purchases for the girls teams.  Coach Crump reported that she and Coach 
Castagna were working on player/parent contracts, and a practice schedule.

The meeting was then adjourned.
Submitted by Elizabeth Cassidy (post dated 1.28.2013)

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