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Minutes - Exec Board Meeting 9/18/12

Posted Monday, January 28, 2013 by Lora Ryan
 WHS Lacrosse Executive Board Meeting --- September 18, 2012 – 7:00pm – WHS Media Center

Attendees:  President-Rick Guinta, Vice President-Dr. Jeff Kendrick, Vice President-Mike Hammond, 
Treasurer-Melanie Maloney, Secretary-Elizabeth Cassidy, Website/Meals-Lora Ryan, Coach Castagna, 
Coach Sommers, Sandy Garrison.
1. Rick Guinta opened the meeting.  Minutes of the last meeting were discussed and approved.
2. Treasurer Report - Melanie Maloney presented the budget.  Copy of the budget presented is on 
file with Melanie.  Player dues will remain at $ 325.00 per player.  It was discussed that the US 
Lacrosse National Convention is to be held in Philadelphia, January 11 to January 13, 2013.  The 
coaches were told that the head coaches could decide who would attend.  It was asked that 
whoever attends start a ‘WHS Lacrosse Library’ with all of the material collected at the 
3. Field/facilities report – Chris Presley was not present to give an update of the fields/facilities.  
Melanie gave update on what Bill Maloney has been working on w/ Chris.  The lacrosse program 
will have someone meet with the new Sarah Harp Mintor principal, Erin Angelo, to discuss the 
lacrosse club at WHS using the space in from of Mintor as a practice field.
4. Fundraising – Sandy Garrison gave an update on sponsorship forms, banner forms, program ad 
forms, and ordering for boys helmets, boat jackets, and boys equipment bags.  Sandy also 
discussed player physicals.
5. Website/Public Relations/Meals – Lora Ryan gave an update.
6. Spirit Wear – Sheri Wahl gave an update on what is one hand to buy, and suggestions of what to 
restock for the season.
7. Concessions – it was mentioned that we are still looking for someone to head this position.  No 
report given at this time.  Coach Sommers stated that he would help whoever takes over the 
8. Supply inventory – report given by Melanie.  Inventory was done of items in the storage shed 
under the guest football field bleachers and the black shed/container on the lacrosse practice 
field.  Melanie discussed and suggested items that would be needed to order for the season.  
Melanie reported that several goals that are used for practices needed repairs, and that Bill 
Maloney would be welding one of the broken collapsible goals, and he would be replacing 
several nets.
9. Coach Castagna – Head Boys Coach – gave an update on team schedules, tryouts, roster size, 
community coaches certifications, plans for practice locations, and player/parent contracts.
10. Coach Crump – Head Girls Coach – gave an update on team schedules, tryouts, roster size, 
community coaches certifications, plans for practice locations, and player/parent contracts.
11. Senior Night – it was discussed that there will be between 7-8 girls that will be seniors, and 4 or 
5 boys that will be seniors.
12. Video taping of games – this was discussed and it was agreed that we would like to have the 
games taped for the coaching staff to review as needed.
13. Uniforms – Sandy reported that the replacements are complete.
14. Capital Fund – this was discussed to cover the expense for the lights for the practice fields.15. Brooks as a practice field for the season was discussed and presented by Coach Sommers.
16. Coach Sommers announced that the girls would be playing in a 7v7 tournament on November 10th.  He presented a budget for this event.
The meeting was then adjourned.
Submitted by Elizabeth Cassidy (post dated 1.27.2013)

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